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4:05am is not an ideal time to be doing business… but when some of your suppliers are in South-East Asia (NOT CHINA), that’s when real time communications can happen.  But, Lord, it’s not easy…

Imagine haggling with a used car salesman, through a language barrier, through a cultural barrier, through the internet, about a car you can’t look at, with either a 12 hour delay on each message or a serious lack of sleep but real time feedback.

Supplier: “Sorry to inform you, there will be delays”
Me: “GAH!!!! <punch> If skype is still working, yes. Book the order”

That’s my life at times.  High stress negotiations followed by trying to creep into bed and not wake the girlfriend at 4:30am while my system is still full of adrenaline from signing and paying for thousands of yards of latex that will arrive JUST ON TIME in 3-4 months (plus inevitable delays) for the low low cost of ten-thousands of dollars, now!

It’s no wonder I need so much coffee every morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the business that I’ve built for myself… but there are times when I would rather fry and eat my own face rather than attack the 4000 existing tasks (from huge to microscopic) that need to be addressed this week.

Job Stimulus that works.  I will vote for any politician who offers a “free gourmet coffee at all workplaces” policy.

But, attack them I shall.  And I’ll enjoy the coffee and occasional photo shoot along the way.

Credit where it is due: Archean and Droidsy are doing a good job of making me less crazy as I rely on them more and more to make this company run smoothly.

G-night interwebs.  I think I’m calm now that I’ve shared a bit.

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