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Another one joins the crafting army!!!


I made a latex shirt for my first project! I cut up a shirt I didn’t like for a pattern and gave it about a half inch extra for seam allowance. It came out ok for a first try, and I think the hardest part was probably a toss up between cutting out the shapes with the rotary cutter and gluing the sleeves on.

Thanks KE for the latex and making it easy to try my hand at something new!

~boy nico

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Yeah… you know it’s a good night when your IDOL in the fetish scene actually finds you at the party, and politely interupts what you are doing to introduce herself and her boyfriend.

Yeah… that’s Archean and Me hanging out with Bianca Beauchamp!


For those who follow the tumblr, you’ll know that we have some gear that she’s showing off in a few photo sets on her site in November.  We think that’s just A-OK.

More from the Montreal fetish weekend coming up… it was awesome.

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