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Kink Engineering - OMG It's less than a month to our party!!!

Get your tickets online early, we’ll be reserving spots at the party for those on the guest list (pre-purchasers) and that may mean turning people away at the door!

An all latex event, and a great chance to try out out vacbeds (there will be 2 there!) and vac-cubes.

Did we mention that there are going to be prizes for:

  • Best Latex Outfit - Purchased : Female Identified
  • Best Latex Outfit - Home made : Female Identified
  • Best Latex Outfit - Purchased : Male Identified
  • Best Latex Outfit - Home made : Male Identified
  • The Rubber Gonzo : Strangest/Most Original outfit
  • I can’t belive that’s made of latex Award : Strangest rubber non costume item
  • Skimpiest Latex outfit award : That’s not much rubber!
  • The Overkill award : For most rubber work

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