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shinyretrostingy asked: Matt, What's the plug/port option shown on this bed ?

(Original post that the question references is here)

The opening you see is our “Penis Gasket” option.  It is available on any of our vacbeds and is custom tailored to fit.  (Yes that means that we’ll ask you to measure around your penis… it’s a bit personal but it’s best to get things to fit properly)

You can see all the options and additions that can be added to any of our custom latex vacuum beds here: Kink Engineering Latex Vacbeds

Miss Kitsch of using a vacbed with the penis gasket option (in this case it is clamped closed while not in use by a little “chip clip” that we provide)

The penis gasket is mainly meant to allow access to the penis of a male subject inside the vacbed (see below), but it can also be easily closed off for play where that is not required (see above).  It can also be used to be a point of entry to the vacbed for dildos, vibrators, hands, feet, tubes, plugs, inflatables and more.   You can also use it for access to a female subject inside the vacbed by a male partner (or strap-on-ing female partner).

Rubberlovers blog: one way to use a penis gasket optional opening.

The downside of the penis gasket is that it may cause the vacbed to be a little bit more leaky than it would otherwise be.  Any extra holes added to a vacbed lead to a bit more leakage of air.  We minimize this by custom fitting every part of the vacbed to suit our customers, but the more holes, the less perfect the seal.  However, it’s only a matter of small differences and preferences.  Even with a penis gasket our beds stay sealed without the vacbed running for 10-15 minutes before needing a small Re-suctioning.

Hope that helps!

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