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Plea from a Cat Named Virtue: My pick for best song of 2003… I know, I know, it’s a little late, but if you don’t know of the Weakerthans - You should!

The song came to mind as a perfect cross between the sleep deprivation caused by last night’s cat-terror-awakening and something I heard on Roderick on the Line E16 about over-produced music.  It also speaks of card catalogues… so it was doubly-double dealing in my stream of thought.

Before making this post, I was actually trying to buy and gift this album (Reconstruction Site) to Merlin Mann as a thanks for producing so much amazing work-spiration on Back to Work and 43folders (all part of my move from cube-job to self employed) via an Itunes purchase, but aparently you are not allowed to be nice to people who are across a border from you.

Thanks I-tunes/music laws, way to promote world peace.

Anyway, this one goes out to you #hotdogsladies - You are NOT wrong about Sloan, and the Weakerthans are not afraid of dynamic range in their recordings.

They’re my pick for the past decade.


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Another Winner in our Color Naming Contest!

Winner: Red 0.45 is now "Ensign Red" by NurkRed 0.45mm latex is now known as “Ensign Red” as Nurk was awesome enough to vote for.  Unfortunetly Nurk was killed by a tribble while down on planet as part of an away party… still we sent his corpse a lovely $10 E-gift certificate.

Next up in the naming contest? WHITE!… boring old white.

You certainly can do better than that, and to reward you we’ll give you $15 in E-gift certificates to our store.

Once that’s done we’ll reset the survey and choose 3 new colors to name!  Thanks to everyone who has voted, and thanks to everyone who has re-tweeted, blogged, posted, and.. yelled out of taxi cabs about our contest.

Matt -

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