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Launching a new blog - The Latex Closet

THIS IS PURE AWESOME!  Archean speaks on dressing your body type for latex in an ongoing blog/site.


I’m constantly getting people with real and sexy, yet imperfect bodies complaining about how they can’t wear latex.  Well, shut up.  You can, and I’ll prove it!

I’ve started up a new blog - The Latex Closet - which focuses on typical “problem” areas of the body, and how they can look amazing in latex.  And not just how they can look good in latex, but how latex can actually sculpt your body, making you look better and feel more confident.

I’m aiming at a bi-weekly post, but realistically, it will be a monthly affair for the next little while (I’m working full-time at Kink Engineering/Sheetlatex so until this blog becomes a well-oiled machine, time is a bit tight).  I’m also adding a collection of the writings I posted a year or two ago on introducing a partner to your kink.

I will eventually move to fashion advice for men, but since most design companies are only just starting to release new men’s lines I think those posts are a ways off.

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