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Watch this video… it’s great.  It also reveals a LOT of how we look at the growth of our business, and the expansion of new ideas.

Funny… we just finished writing an article for a fetish magazine about how colaboration and ping-ponging ideas back and forth with Ego Assassin and Lotus Lily and Fetish Kitsch and others outside the fetish community (Photographers, film people, theatre folks, designers, business people, and everyday peeps) has helped to make Kink Engineering such a strong creator of weird and new things.

Found via: ego-assassin:

WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson (via RiverheadBooks) Amongst the many great thoughts in the this video is that ideas need space; I like the thought of that. I find myself gravitating to specific physical spaces when I have a hunch that wants thinking on. It’s a neat visualisation to think it’s the idea itself that wants that space, that cushion, that cup of tea…

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