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Rachael Gray: Shoemaking Class update

Fix the economy!  Help someone start a business by getting training!

It was not all that long ago (2008) that I took the course that changed my life and catapulted me into owning/opperating a latex design business.  Learning the tools of a trade has unlocked the creative potential that was formerly left to the inside of my head… now that my hands know how to finish the job.

Rachel Grey is trying to do the same but for Shoe design and I like the cut of her jib.  If you have a few bucks kicking around your paypal account, why not donate a little to help her out on her goal for paying for some professional training!


P.s. THIS IS WHAT THIS DAMN ECONOMY NEEDS!!!  Help for enthusiastic risk taking entrepreneurs, artists and hard workers… Not tax rebates for millionaires.  I’m so glad I’m Canadian…


I just got off the phone with the people who run the small shoe school I am hoping to attend. Not only are they lovely people for allowing me to take classes that are already full, but I ended the call with excited jitters running through me. This sounds like exactly the sort of education I need….

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