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Did Claustrophilia Kill U.K. Spy Gareth Williams? - The Daily Beast

It is horrible to think that someone died as a result of playing unsafely with their fetish… but it is nice to see a reporter actually look at the underlying reasons that someone might be drawn to the act of bondage and encasement in the first place without demonizing it.

This is a great thing to do in a case of fetish gone wrong… if it’s only finger pointing in the tone of “This freak killed himself with a bondage toy” you are adding to the sort of stigma that continues to force people to play alone instead of seeking out a partner to play with and explore their fetish.   Playing alone is the root cause of almost all fatal bondage related accidents.

From the article:

Sensory deprivation, isolation, altered breathing, and fear expanding into a sense of surrender: claustrophilic kicks might be just as spiritual as they are sexual.

“There are people who love the meditative state that they can achieve from the deep pressure that tight confinement can cause,” says Winter Fetish project manager Jake Markow. “Others love the thrill of putting themselves in the trusted hands of another.”

That’s why we specifically make our products to be played with by at least a pair of people.  We also spend a lot of time being evangelists for the idea that fetishes do not make you a bad person, and that fetishes are very common, if not commonly discussed/revealed.  

By growing a community, we promote a lot more safe play…  Self bondage comes with a lot more danger, and a lot less fun.

The article in full can be found here: The Daily Beast. 

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